July 27, 2016

Public Art - Downtown Burbank 3D Kid

Out walking in Burbank and spotted this fantastic painting on a utility box. There is art all around us if you take a minute to look for it! If anyone knows the name of the artist I am happy to give credit. This is so fun. I love it!

July 24, 2016

July 16, 2016

Gallery Show - Jasmine Becket-Griffith

So proud of my friend Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Her art show at Corey Helford's Gallery is stunning! If you live in Los Angeles, please go and see it. She's wonderful.

Gallery Show - Camille Rose Garcia

What an exciting show! Seeing these paintings in person is an absolute joy. "Phantasmacabre" with art by Camille Rose Garcia is stunning! I loved it. Go see it if you can, show is running through August at Corey Helford's new Downtown LA space! 

July 9, 2016

Gallery Show - Jorge R. Gutierrez

First solo art show for the brilliant Jorge R. Gutierrez, mastermind behind the movie "The Book of Life". Loved seeing his paintings at Gregorio Escalante Gallery in Chinatown. It was packed! What an amazing show. "Border Bang" - Go see it!!

April 13, 2016

Art Lesson - Grumpy Cat

Sometimes it's fun to let the kids pick the project.This time they voted to draw "Grumpy Cat" and I love the grumpy expressions! Purrfection. Oil pastel on brown paper. 

November 10, 2015

Eden Original - Lover's Eye

I'm painting a "Lover's Eye" for the Cactus Gallery ornament show. Fun to focus on all the tiny details. Working from a photo, I painted most of this with the painting upside-down. Helps to get the shapes right without using your brain to re-interpret what you are seeing. 

September 16, 2015

Art Lesson - Watercolor Whales

Today we used watercolor and oil pastels to paint some pink dappled whales. We talked about how different size brushes are used to paint large and small areas on the paper. We also talked about how shadows make things look dappled underwater and we learned how to create that effect. Such happy little whales!

September 4, 2015

Eden Original - Tattoo Anchor Art

New tattoo inspired artwork. 
I'm still trying to figure out what to write across the banner. Any suggestions?

Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 inches

August 29, 2015

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Video dress

My daughter and I had tickets to see Taylor Swift for her 1989 Tour at Petco Park in San Diego. We found out that her fans love to dress up as Taylor or fun characters inspired by her lyrics, so my daughter asked if I could make her a version of the floral dress from the "Blank Space" video. First step,  a trip to Goodwill to find a similar dress. I found an adult dress, but knew I could take it using the glue gun. It was easy because we just had to cut the hem shorter and take in the waist.

We ripped apart silk flowers and separated the individual layers to hot glue them onto the dress. We tried to pick colors that were similar to Taylor's dress, but didn't try to copy it exactly.

We had an amazing time at the show and everyone complimented her dress. She felt like a princess!

Thanks for the inspiration, Taylor!