August 29, 2015

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Video dress

My daughter and I had tickets to see Taylor Swift for her 1989 Tour at Petco Park in San Diego. We found out that her fans love to dress up as Taylor or fun characters inspired by her lyrics, so my daughter asked if I could make her a version of the floral dress from the "Blank Space" video. First step,  a trip to Goodwill to find a similar dress. I found an adult dress, but knew I could take it using the glue gun. It was easy because we just had to cut the hem shorter and take in the waist.

We ripped apart silk flowers and separated the individual layers to hot glue them onto the dress. We tried to pick colors that were similar to Taylor's dress, but didn't try to copy it exactly.

We had an amazing time at the show and everyone complimented her dress. She felt like a princess!

Thanks for the inspiration, Taylor!

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