April 20, 2010

DIY Fairy Wands

Holly is having a fairy birthday party, so of course, I'm making the gift bags and favors.  All fairies need a wand for casting spells and general wishes.  My fairy wands were made from real found sticks... the way that real fairies would make them.

First, I found some lovely straight sticks at a nearby park.  Then I sanded them to take off all sharp bits and loose bark, but I did not make them completely smooth.  Then I attached one silk flower and stem to the stick using green floral tape, making sure the silk flower stem was completely covered.

Then I wound ribbon around the floral tape.  Taping over the loose end at the top and bottom with more floral tape.  I glued one bell to the base of the flower with E-6000 so that it would have a little jingle.  And I let the loose ends of the ribbon trail from the flower.

Holly loves them almost as much as I love making them!

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