October 26, 2010

Recipe: Candy Corn Cookies

This isn't exactly a recipe... just wanted to share with you something fun that I tried this week.  
I had to bake something for a Halloween carnival.  I thought immediately of candy corn cookies.  After a failed attempt putting candy corn in the mix.  And a second failed attempt putting the candy corn on top of the dough and then baking (the candy corn melts)...  Third try was the charm!

Just make your favorite chocolate chip cookies, heck you can even cheat and make slice and bake cookies.  I won't tell a soul.  Then, when they are fresh from the oven, press one candy corn into each cookie.  That's it.  You just have to press it into the still soft cookies when they are fresh from the oven.  Place on cooling racks and there you go.
  Instant Halloween fun.  Yum Yum.

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