March 9, 2011

Dollhouse Wallpaper

I'm working on this project as we speak and will be updating as I finish it...

A few months ago, a friend of mine gave me a hand-me-down plastic dollhouse for my daughter's Barbie dolls.  This is a Bratz house, so it's pretty much like a Bratz doll.  
Superficially attractive, but nothing on the inside.
Truth is the outside of the house is cute.  It looks a bit like Rapunzel's castle with sweet little balconies for her to let down her long hair, but the inside is so ugly that I can hardly stand it.  
So, I decided that it needed a bit of a make-over.

I knew that wallpapering the rooms could transform this ugly plastic thing into something really beautiful that would inspire my daughter's imagination (and make me happier when playing with her).

Supplies needed: 10 pages scrapbooking paper, mod podge (gold shimmer), paint brush, box cutter or other sharp knife able to cut paper, optional dimensional paint (pink)

I started by laying the dollhouse flat on the floor and I began ripping small pieces of the scrapbook paper and decoupaging it onto the walls with the mod podge.  I used the mod podge with GOLD SHIMMER because I was going for a fairy tale look and I thought the gold would make the whole thing glow like a real princess castle.

Here's the first wall completed.  
The most difficult part was cutting around the windows.  Some of the windows I just decoupaged over them, then cut them out when the paper was dry.  I did this by having my daughter shine a flashlight (backlit) through the paper so I could see where to cut with the box cutter.   It doesn't have to be precise, but taking your time and cutting slowly helps.  Just remember if you try this that mistakes can easily be covered with more paper.  All of the paper is torn and applied in strips or small pieces, so it's easy to cover up if you cut away too much!
more photos soon...

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  1. i am so interested in your project! as i too have embarked on this journey of turning an ugly plastic dollhouse into a more pleasing one. I want to use wallpaper too but how are you gluing it? what kind of glue?