July 3, 2010

Wild Eggs (Deviled Eggs)

There's no real reason to have this here except that I love deviled eggs.  And this is something you can make quickly when people are coming over that the kids can easily help with.

Standard recipe is:  place eggs in cold water and bring to rolling boil. Simmer 12 mins.  Do not overcook.  Peel and cut in half. I tried lengthways and sideways. Slice off a TINY sliver of the white on the bottom so your egg won't roll when you put it on the plate (thanks to Martha for that tip).

Hollow out yolks into a small bowl.  For a dozen eggs, I add about two tbsp organic mayonnaise, pinch of kosher salt, and a tbsp or two of sweet relish.  All three of these are to taste.  You can also add a dash of white pepper if you want to.  Avoid black pepper so you don't spoil the pretty look of the yellow egg with little black specks.  And I know some people add mustard... but I like it better without.

The kids can pipe yolk mixture back into egg whites with hardly any help.  Just put the filling in a ziploc bag (freezer bags are thicker and so a bit sturdier for kids to use).  Sprinkle with a smidge of paprika. SO GOOD.  Holly calls them "wild eggs"!  I call them GONE.

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  1. I use Thousand Islands dressing too. Sometimes just ketchup and mayo with the pickle relish. Gives them a different taste. Those look sooo good.