September 21, 2010

Halloween Craft - Basket of Roses

Running through Tarjay this morning and I saw that the good people working there are already moving some of the Halloween things over to make room for Christmas decorations.  I don't know about you, but I love Halloween, so even though it's not even October yet, I thought I'd better grab what I need now before all the bony skeletons are replaced by fat little Santas. 

My five year old daughter is that princessy age where if it's fancy and pink then it's good and everything else is just not.  I was suddenly inspired by the cheapo plastic pumpkin baskets, which this year come in green, pink, purple, and orange.  A super bargain at 99 cents!  I grabbed two in green which I thought I could later transform into something pink and fancy for my daughter and terrifying and ghoulish for my ten year old son.

I decided to make a basket of flowers for her to carry.  So, I decapitated a bunch of silk flowers and grabbed the low temp glue gun.  I say "low temp" because I knew I'd be using my fingers a lot for this one and didn't want to burn myself.  For this project I used a dozen pink roses.  I think this is the minimum you'd want, but you could always use more.
First, I took some green craft paint and painted out the black markings on the basket.  I don' t think this is strictly necessary, but I didn't want it to show through too much.  When this part dried, I started gluing the roses around the top opening of the basket.  I put the glue on the side of each rose so that they'd be facing up.  This makes sure that they hold really well and looks prettiest when people start dropping the candies in.
Then I turned the basket upside down and took apart some of the flowers.  Using just the petals, I glued them down in layers starting at the base and moving down the basket.  I glued down the center and the lower petals only so that there would be some overlapping.  I didn't mind if the green showed through (this is why I picked green).  When it was completely covered I glued down a few of the silk leaves here and there.
To finish it, I wrapped the black plastic handle with pink tulle.  You could replace the handle completely with ribbon if you'd prefer, but I wanted to have a little structure to it.  I tied the end of the tulle into a bow on one side.
I might add a couple embellishments later depending on the costume she chooses to wear.  Also, when you take the flowers apart, there are obvious holes in the middle.  You can cover these with coordinating craft paint, or glue on gems or sequins if you think they are too noticeable.
I also want to add that I got the flowers at the 99 cent store, so the whole thing cost me $3.  Now that's pink, fancy, and affordable!

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