September 9, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Here in Los Angeles, there is a food fad where hip people eat versions of gourmet junk food from trucks that roam around the city.  It's become truly an artform.  One of these trucks is the COOLHAUS that sells uber fancy ice cream sandwiches.  They boast exotic ingredients like candied bacon and chocolate chipotle.  I haven't tried them myself, but I've heard that they are amazing.

Not to be outdone, I decided to try the homemade ice cream sandwich thing myself as a special anniversary dessert for my hubby who loves cookies more than almost anything else.  I made oversized oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but any cookie would obviously work.  And I was going to make my own ice cream, but running short on time I cheated and used Horizon Organic Chocolate or Vanilla Bean.  So delicious.  Soften the ice cream slightly and put a generous scoop between two cookies.  Then, wrap in waxed paper and refreeze for about an hour or so to firm up.  Or you could eat immediately like we did when it's still slightly melty!  So good.

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