August 27, 2010

99 Cent Costumes: Super Mario Bros

We found red and green caps at the 99 Cent Only Store.  The red one is kind of a trucker cap and the green one looks like a puffy-headed sailor might have worn it.  Of course, seeing red and green my kids don't think of Christmas.  They immediately think of Mario and Luigi.

I looked online for some iron on patches, but couldn't find any that I liked, so I sketched the logo in lightly with pencil, then slowly filled in white acrylic craft paint.  It's not hard if you go slow.  Just remember acrylic is permanent when dry.  The kids think the hats look great, but then I thought...  You know, it's not quite Mario without the mustache.  So, I grabbed some yarn and knit them each one.  The knitting pattern is below if you decide you must have this absolutely ridiculous accessory.

Mario Mustache Pattern
black chenille bulky yarn
skin-tone colored yarn or elastic (for tie-backs)
number 10 needles

CO 8 sts
knit 2 rows
k2tog, k6 (7 sts)
k2tog, k5 (6 sts)
BO 6 sts

Tie a length of skin-tone yarn to top of each side of mustache.  Or use elastic.


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