August 19, 2010

Work In Progress: Faux Bois Mural

I'm working on a new mural for the Studio City Co-Op Preschool.  This is the "Work Zone" where the kids hammer nails and build projects with wood.

I decided to have a little fun with some woodsy faux bois lettering.  The area is really overgrown right now because I'm working on this during summer break, so the plants and creepy crawlies were on the attack.  I got smacked in the face and tripped on the ivy.  Then, I saw a couple of HUGE spiders and a giant purple bumble bee buzzed right by my ear.  Oh, the joys of working outdoors!  Finally, I had to stop when the sun threatened to burn a hole in my back.

I seriously don't think Monet had to deal with this when he painted outside.


  1. HEY! That's awesome. Love that.

  2. Betcha he did! Probably even worse. Maybe you could incorporate the purple bee into the mural--Make a wire coil bee on the side that kids could hang things off of. Looks awesome so far.


  3. So cheerful! I love the yellow with the faux bois.