August 16, 2010

Work In Progress: Aquarium Mural

Today I started work on an underwater mural for the Studio City Co-Op Preschool.  I've done a few murals for them and they were looking for something to brighten up the outdoor sink area which was already painted a deep blue.  Here's the area before I started...
I began by sketching in some loose coral shapes to give the reef a bit of structure.  And I painted in some highlights to give the water a bit of sparkle.
Then I started to build up the layers of color.  I want to keep everything really cheery since this is for a preschool and the kids will see it every day.  Realism isn't a priority here, so I made up my own fish!  The most important thing is to make sure it's fun and BRIGHT, so I used my favorite Lascaux brand acrylic paints.  They have super-saturated colors that really pop.  

Here's where I stopped today on the right side of the sink...
...and the left side.
and here's the center section in progress.  
I should be able to finish up this week and I'll post more pictures as I go.  I have to say I really love painting at this school.  My daughter used to go there and so there are lots of fun memories for me. Plus the school is 100% outdoors, so I get to paint outside which is one of my favorite things.  Why do you think all my crafting is done on my patio?  I love making art outside!  Stay tuned for more progress shots as I finish up the undersea adventure.  I'm thinking jellyfish, some more big fish... and lots of bubbles!

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  1. I will miss making snack for the kids of SCCP even more having to miss out on this stunning mural. How lush and peaceful, to be transported to any island spot you want. I know my daughter who graduated from there this past June would have loved it.

    What a lovely gift Eden, and I know the families and children of 2010/2011 will appreciate it. S.P.G