August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President (masks)

I like Obama.  A lot.  I wouldn't want to be him, though.  It seems like a ridiculously hard job.  And being a craftaholic mom is hard enough.  Today is his birthday and I wanted to celebrate with some kind of Obama craft.  I didn't take any progress photos for this because it hardly requires any explanation.

I took liberty with some Shepard Fairey pics of Obama I found online.  Since he stole the original image and we aren't selling these, I figured I could borrow the image for my little craft.  I printed out just the face making sure it was about the size needed for a child's mask.  Bigger is always better, if you are guessing.

I glued the picture onto a piece of old cereal box (recycling) using white glue that I'd thinned just a bit.  The kids colored.  And I cut them out and taped on a strip of cardboard for the handle.  I think he'd like it.  A lot.


  1. Funny and scary at the same time! I love how the kids tucked the handles into their tops to be hands free. Now, does the boy in the back realize he's making an "I'm not a crook" impersonation?