August 24, 2010

Work in Progress: Sugar Skull Portrait

I spent most of the day painting today.  That means the dishes are not done, the kids are hungry, the dog is looking from me to the door and back again with begging eyes.  Such is the life of an artist.  Whoever said you can do it all obviously didn't include fun in the mix.  Yes, painting is fun.  It's also hard work and my fingers are barely able to type this right now, but I had to share where I'm going because I think it looks really great so far...

This is a painting of my husband with his face painted like a sugar skull.  I painted on his face last Halloween and this is from a photo I took.  I don't think I've shared yet that I fall deeply in love with every painting I make... well, this one is like some kind of super double love because it's also a painting of someone I love.  Can you have too much love?  No way!

Following are stages of the painting in progress from the initial sketch.  It's 2x3ft, so it's pretty HUGE.  My hubby has amazing blue eyes (the only one in the family, even the dog has brown) so I wanted that to be the focal point of the painting...


  1. Amazing! One of your best works yet!!! Congrats! Has HE seen it yet?

  2. Thanks and YES, he just got home from work and he loves it. I'm not quite finished. Should be able to get it done this week. :)